Ancient wisdom for modern birth

Holistic, compassionate and unique ‘birth preparation’ and ‘healing support’ for women and couple on their birth journey

Having a baby can be such an amazing and empowering experience. An incredibly life changing event. It

brings with it personal transformation, changes to your body,  to relationships and deep shifts in attitudes. It

can also bring all kinds of emotions to the surface – feelings of immense joy and excitement, and

confronting feelings of fear and worry about what lies ahead and your ability to face the challenges of birth

and parenting.

Through Birth Connection, I am passionate about caring for you and your family on your birthing and

parenting journey, by offering you information, counselling, education and support. I pride myself on

creating a nurturing, caring and non-judgmental environment in everything I do, and offer you truthful and

meaningful preparation, and support for a positive birth experience regardless of how and where you have

your baby.

Pernille Powell
Certified Advanced Doula,
Childbirth Educator.
Trained Birth Story Listener
Birthing From Within Mentor.


A Birthing From Within VBAC Class

A compassionate and creative birth preparation class for you, who for whatever reason birthed by cesarean last time, and would like real and meaningful preparation for your next birth.
This fun, interactive and compassionate class will inspire in you and your partner, the confidence, knowledge, flexibility and determination needed for a positive and empowered birth, regardless of how and where you baby is born.

4 Saturday mornings 9.30am - 12 noon
starting on Sat the 6th of Aug

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Birth Connection

Birth Connection is the online presence of Childbirth Educator, Advanced Doula, Birth Story Healer, & Birthing From Within mentor, Pernille Powell. Pernille is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.


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